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When would you enter a relationship?


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This is more of an observation than anything. I have many alloromantic friends who entered their (long-lasting, mind you!) relationships after knowing their partner for a month or two, which seems absolutely crazy to me. A month is hardly enough time to get to know someone, and I don't think I would even consider someone a friend if I have known them for just a month. Which brings me to my title question: what do you think is a good time to decide you want to date someone?

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I feel like if I were best friends with someone who was romantically attracted to me and knew I was aro and was genuinely okay with that, and we were sexually attracted to each other, I would date them if I'd known them for about three months at least. I also have been looking on Tinder and OKCupid for sexual partners that I can be friends with and who are going to be okay with me being aro. I don't think it's the idea of a relationship I'm repulsed by, it's the expectation to be romantic and expend significant energy on romantic stuff while in one. I've also had crushes before, being grayro, and would have dated either of them.

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Personally, I like the friends of a few years --> romantic partners process the best. That just seems the most logical, because it is the least likely to have any surprises and ensuing crisis's, plus you have an established relationship to preserve in case the romantic one doesn't work out.

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