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Should I break up with gf?


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A few weeks ago I started going out with a girl for the following reasons: 1) I have in the past hardcore longed for a girlfriend when I felt lonely. 2) I’ve never gone out with anyone before and I’m curious to see if I am indeed through-and-through aromantic. 3) She is nice and has good hair.

I feel no romantic attraction to her and no sexual attraction, but she feels both for me. She would like to have sex with me, but I’m not really up for that. However, I would consider her a friend. When we spend time together I feel pretty relaxed. I feel like being around her has been good for my mental health because I feel loved and valued, but I would be more comfortable if we were just friends.

Does anyone have advice for whether to break up with her, and if so, how? Should I wait for a while first? Has anyone had similar experiences?

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Um, nobody's responded to this yet but I just wanted to say that after thinking about this all day I was able to do the breakup. I feel good about it. I might delete this post in a couple of days because I'm worried that somehow ex gf might see this? But I'm really grateful that I had a space to post this so that I could get my feelings sorted out. Thank you all, I'm glad that you lovely fellow aros exist :)

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