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Is it ok?


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If you dont know me, hi, my name is Mac. I call myself a trans guy*. Although technically, I'm a demiguy, a non-binary identity.

So, as its probably apparent, I don't call myself non-binary. I've gotten a little bit of confusion over that so I've had time to think... Why don't I?

I, in no way, have ever experience the hardships of being non-binary. I've never experience harassment over my identity (apart from transphobes who say i'm going to hell.) I dress almost solely masculine, I use pretty much exclusively male pronouns in public / social spaces. Pretty much, I'm more male than I am agender, so it doesn't make sense to me to call myself NON-binary. I'm more just..not totally-binary.

SO, my question- 

Is it ok that i dont consider myself non-binary, even while identifying as a label under its umbrella?

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Nonbinary people don't have to be totally neutral and plenty of us lean more to one side of the binary. We also all present differently and use different pronouns so there are many different nonbinary experiences. You can absolutely identify as nonbinary if you want but you don't have to. I've even seen people identifying as both nonbinary and cis.

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