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I also love hearing the varied replies!

Ok, shipping irl is the absolute worst. People, just don't do it! I don't think that I have ever seen anything positive come from a ship (what is the purpose of a ship anyway?) 

The worst worst thing is when you are involved in the ship. Like with friends who don't know that you are aro because you are in the closet. When people ship you with another friend, its just so bad. "You would make a cute couple" (excuse me?) As someone who is aro, being told that we would be "cute" together is just.... no. But like in general I feel like ships only cause awkwardness and tension in between friends that is so unnecessary. 

Anyways, shipping in real life can be dumb and hurtful.

In fiction, I feel like I don't mind as much. I personally don't really ship characters. I don't know why, I guess I just see that the characters have their own lives and ideas, and  I guess I have trouble seeing how they would be good together. If I did, it definitely would not be a romantic relationship mainly because, well, I can't really relate I guess.


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I enjoy shipping fictional characters. Real person fiction kind of grosses me out, but mostly because a lot of people do so against the wishes of the actual people they're shipping.


It's just kind of nice to imagine fictional characters in romantic or sexual situations, even if I have no interest in participating in such things 

(Of course, it's also very nice to have characters I can say are Like Me)

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