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Aro TikTokers?


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Do people still do tumblr? I feel like that was more of a thing there to talk about aromanticism, including videos that were uploaded there as well. 

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I had to look for them but I am now following a few. @lautet, @misplaced.aroace, and my personal favorite is @angstyace. I personally have a tiktok, I'm @thecloudyend. I make aro content sometimes. 


The more you interact with aro content the more it will pop up. I recommend searching and interacting with any content you find interesting. Or start with who people are recommending to you. 


Edit: I just realized this was posted 2 years ago...lol

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It can be tough to find specific types of content on TikTok, especially if it's not as widely popular. However, it's great that you're looking for aro TikTokers because representation is important. I don't have any specific recommendations for aro TikTokers, but one way you can discover new accounts is to search for hashtags related to asexuality or aromanticism and explore the content that pops up. Also, you can try to check out some aro communities on social media, they might have some recommendations or even a list of aro TikTokers. And if you want to boost your account and gain more visibility check out this link https://iamat.com/buy-tiktok-likes/. This might allow you to create your own cool aro account.

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