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Oh dear...

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Hi, I just made an account on here. My name is Jenny, but everyone usually just calls me Goldi. I'm Aromantic. 

Feels good to say that.

I'm still very much... in the closet. I live in the deep South, in the parts that are accepting, sure, but don't really like it when you say words they don't know the meaning of.

I like to cook and bake, and currently go to College and pursue a bachelor's degree in something that has no hope of getting me a job. I also like to play video games and bike riding.

If you want, you can AMA here, since I'm so terrible at writing I need questions to prompt me.

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Hello there mate! Glad that you found this site, and being in the closet does not invalidate your identity.  I also like to bake ^^ rn I am learning but someday I will make a key lime pie worthy for all my friends. (Till then they shall taste my sweet horrors). And a lil secret ^^ every bachelor's degree has the same ratio of getting you a job. Every degree is worth poop at the eyes of big corporations, you have to continue to masters or doctorate to do something. What's important is that you do something that brings the passion inside of you to the maximum point, and everyone around you have to use sunglasses to admire you :3 Don't let anyone dictate your worth, or your jobs worth, every position is needed in this society to function. Imagine no waiters? Who will take your order? Or no trash collectors? Who will get those trashcans? The ones that unplug the sanitaries? Everyone is needed, and should be payed the minimum to be able to have a decent life without stress of not having enough to pay rent/water/electricity/etc. And that kind of thinking should not be seen as extreme, because a basic life is what everyone deserves at the least.

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