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I'm new in town


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Hey, I'm Anthony but I go by Ant. I'm from NZ and I'm 18 this July.

I've identified as aro-spec since I was 15 but I've never really interacted with the aro community or culture and I'm looking to change that! Though, I'm new to forums and don't quite know what I'm doing.

I like making Kandi bracelets (I'm an ex-scene kid), drawing, writing, and baking! I'm really bad at cooking but I try my hardest.

Currently I identify as aroflux, though that is subject to change as I'm still figuring some stuff out. I'm romance neutral.

I'm autistic and I love cats, especially black cats!

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48 minutes ago, antrave said:

Kandi bracelets

? I had to google that now I feel old (I'm only 28!)

Welcome! I hope you like the community here, we try to stay nice and respectful though as with anything there are some issues here and there. There is plenty of interesting stuff from simple to complex to read and contribute to. Welcome!

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