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My name is Finn/Eli and I'm a nonbinary/neutrois gnc bi woman. I use he/him pronouns and other masc terms, I'm a 22 yo senior in college and a social work major and amateur language nerd + artist and writer. I'm currently questioning my aromantic status (i dislike the phrase romantic orientation for myself, like if someone asks me who I'm attracted to quoiromantic doesn't answer their question but bisexual does so I don't consider it an orientation) but quoiromantic seems to work ok for now. my favorite movie is into the spiderverse, favorite book is rogelia's house of magic and also the Jennifer Scales series, favorite colors are moss green, cranberry, and rose gold, favorite food is a poke bowl. dislikes include mushrooms, most bugs, my skin breaking out, people getting in the way of me working, and the sound of metal on metal. I'm a slytherpuff.

I've identified as aro on and off for a few years now and the way I found out was through finding the Aromantics Club group on skittlr when I was 17 back when skittlr was still a thing and realizing gray aromantic fit me pretty well. My ideal relationship is basically a committed friendship based on teamwork, collaboration, sex, and coherent qualities that the other person and I like about one another; romance isn't really a priority in that equation necessarily though I have definitely had one major crush before.

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Welcome, fellow Slytherpuff! :) 

It's always really nice to see new folks come in and tell us about their experiences. Thank you for sharing and I hope this place can be one to connect with others and learn and share.

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