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Fun way to come out


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I was thinking and thought of a fun and a bit subtle way to come out

since my family plays board/card games a lot, I will find all of our decks of cards, take the aces out, paint them the ace/aro colors, and wait 

I will also suggest playing card games throughout the day 


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I hope your family already know the colours of the flags then! Just for a personal thing I painted a bookmark with the flag colours and different symbols yet no one, not a single person, has recognised it, though it would be cool if they did...in a future when I can read in a public space with other people present not having to social distance -_- 

I know some people subtly come out by doing a pronoun flip when asked about a relationship and it made me really want to use the phrase 'I'm in a non-romantic relationship with..*fill in blank space*' as a sort of no-romo call out


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