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Hello, I'm looking for friends


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Hi everyone,

I'm so excited to be here :D I'm 18 years old acearo from Poland and I'm searching for acearo friends! :) I'm catholic, interested in music(that is my passion - I love Michael Jackson, other pop and classical music). Otherwise I like Formula 1, gaming(simulations) and football. I'm like a child a little bit, because I want to have relation I've been looking for for about 7 years - a real friendship.. but I like some kind of closeness. I would hug my friend, for example, and I don't have any problems with contact like that with friends :) Now it's too hard to find real friends. Y'know, most of people >15 years old prefer kissing, holding hands etc. but I dream about having a lot of contact with a few people like me seeing/writing each other a lot :D

If you want to know more about me or just want/need to talk, call me on private message, I am active very very often ?

(haha that's so sad, I'm active very often and don't write with anyone because no one wants to ? )


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Hi! I'm also looking for friends. I actually read a reply of yours to something I posted now that I think about it...


It'd be cool if you wanted to message me anytime. I am also unoccupied myself and can usually be found online.

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