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Better late than never


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Hi everyone.

I'm a female in my late 30s. I recently discovered the A world and have been lurking on ace communities since. I cried when discovering the split attraction model because finally I made perfect sense to myself. According to my latest diagnostic I am graysexual and aromantic (not detailing the sublabels).

I was already anticipating my lack of desire for a romantic partner at 13 years old but I never really pictured other people in similar situations. Althought I always felt like the odd one, I guessed that I was just unique and that it was ok. Having some friends in the LGB community helped coping with difference but not with the lack of attraction. Feminism also gave me hope and strenght to fight amatonormativity. Hopefully I can understand more about the aromantic part of me.


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Welcome! I'm glad you are figuring yourself out. It's a wonderful feeling. Also thanks for posting, it always makes me feel better when I hear about aromantics who are older than teenagers. It makes me feel that adulthood is possible. 

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