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Can lessons about romantic relationships be applicable for friendships?


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Some background to why I'm asking this question: Me and my family had a Christmas lottery with books; each person provided one book that we put in a sack and then took turns to pick one each. I got a non fiction comic book about how society's view on romantic love and partnership has shifted and the authors thoughts about reasons why people might have trouble finding love. I thought the book was very well done, funny and thought provoking. But I'm unsure if I can apply any of it to my own life. It always feel like society makes out romantic relationships to be some kind of one of a kind feeling, totally different from any other type of relationship.


When you read some kind of advice or study about romantic relationship, do you feel like it is applicable on other types of relationships?

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I don't read studies so I can't say, but for advice,  I'd say yes. Communication, mutual respect for a person, for one's desires or personality... these advices I saw about love relationships can Apple to any kind of relationship I think.

I don't think that you can apply everything, in particular if you read something that study the specificities of romantic relationship. But sometimes it is possible.

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