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I've written an aromantic story


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I wrote a story for a fiction writing class this past semester that centers around aromantic characters. It's called "Love Over Life." The central conflict to this story involves amatonormativity with a twist, and takes place starting on Valentine's Day. I also made it about characters with intersectional identities to give more representation to non-white aros and the main character is non-binary. Does anyone know a good place I could share this story with the community?

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The community is kind of all over the place, isn’t it? I reckon your best bet is to post it to a blog and then share the link around multiple places. Here is a solid place people can check indefinitely, the Carnival of Aros theme this month is love, Anti-Cupid Studios do the exact thing you're after but they’re still trying to get off the ground, Aro Worlds is the same again but much more established, and there's always the Original Work tag of ao3. They all cater to different audiences so I'd say get on all of them.


Do link wherever you post in this thread as well tho, I'd love to read what your wrote. 

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