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My Complicated Sensuality


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So, I've always been somewhat touch averse, unless I'm with family or very close friends. For example, I only accept hugs if I am asked first or if I initiate it (say if a friend of mine was upset and I wanted to comfort them). This is related to my Autism, and also trust issues, but mostly autism. Saying that, I do experience longing for affection strongly with women at times, and I've been experiencing this for 2 years or so. In terms of having a partner, I want to cuddle but I do not want to hold hands. I do want to kiss, but I cannot see myself doing it outside of a sexual context (btw I'm homosexual).


So, whilst I don't use microlabels and I only label my sensual orientation when in aro/ace spaces, maybe something like demihomosensual would make sense for me? Can you combine demi like with sexual orientations? 

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On 9/25/2019 at 10:24 PM, TripleA said:

Can you combine demi like with sexual orientations?

Absolutely. :) I've seen this done many times.

Sometimes people will simplify to one or the other depending on the context (e.g., demisensual, homosensual), but the full story, all the microlabels, I've also seen written out when someone wants to be very specific.

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