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We are putting together a collection of aro thoughts and experiences.


As you may or may not know, the 'R' in AUREA stands for recognition, and we want to recognize just what it means to be aromantic. Being aromantic is such a personal thing, and there’s so much more to it then can be summed up by a simple definition like “experiences little to no romantic attraction". We want to showcase that.

Write about your identity, a dream, a reality, or simply what it’s like to you to be aromantic. This piece will be titled 'My Aromanticism', and you can click the link for more detail and/or to submit an entry:  https://forms.gle/c9z5YBPL4ZTupKoU9

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It would be really good to get these stories into print in an anthology of some sort. There is a massive offline aromantic gap in the sexuality bookshelves and I was asked by the lady who served me at the local alternative bookstore if I knew of any good titles. It would really be good to have some sort of not for profit community effort to get our stories offline and more visible at a local level. I will personally have a look at your link in the coming week and will try and contribute myself. 

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