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  1. Here's the round-up for our Aromantics Create Pride event. Take a look at all the wonderful entries! https://www.aromanticism.org/en/news-feed/aromantics-created-pride
  2. Submissions for Aros Create Pride are now closed! We'll send out e-mails to participants within this week.
  3. The event is meant to connect participants (i.e., all participants must submit something and give feedback), but we will be posting a full list of the pieces at the end of the event for everyone to view and comment on. We also want to mention that any kind of original work can count as creative - baking, flower arranging, pen doodling, etc. We have space in the submission form for those things, so long as they fit in the general length requirements. You don't have to be a creator in the sense that you create works regularly to participate in this event, and you can create something new between now and the submission deadline as well.
  4. Submission for Aromantics Create Pride are now open! We will be accepting works until the 6th of July.
  5. AUREA is hosting a creative works event also: Aromantics Create Pride. It is our intention to boost the work of aromantics while also ensuring people get a positive comments and attention for their work. Just a simple: create a thing, praise a few things, and get some praise for your thing in return.
  6. For AUREA's one year anniversary we are launching Aromantics Create Pride! Submit your creation, leave a few comments on others' work, and in return have your work shared around the community and receive comments of your own. Learn more about the event and how you can take part here: https://www.aromanticism.org/en/news-feed/aromantics-create-pride
  7. Thank you @Coyote @LauraG and @Mark for your feedback. We'll try to straighten it out logically, though we wanted the option for an answer for people who do feel that way. We'll define those terms in the next edition - intellectual disability, neurodivergence and mental illnesses. Noted, we'll include some middle ground options. First was meant to ask about the entirety of sexual history - all partners in relation to the participant, the second is meant to capture more common patterns in the person's sexual life. Those are based on the participant's relationships with the people they have sex with. The last one asks how many people participants usually have sex with at a time. We'll add that. This may prove impossible to correct in a survey that's meant to be international. There are names assigned to each category, such as village or big city, but almost all categories also have objective, numerical brackets. Village (less than 999 people) covers single dwellings. We'll add that.
  8. Please do choose village still, because it is the smallest option we have
  9. This year, AUREA is leading the new Aro Census: a community-wide survey of people on the aromantic spectrum. The purpose of the census is to gain knowledge and through this, a better understanding of the aromantic community. Participation is limited to persons identifying on the aromantic spectrum. If you are interested in potentially participating, follow this link for more information: https://forms.gle/zvit4Yvjfy6N1gGW7. We'd like to reach aromantic people who aren't in touch with aro communities through social media, so please share with others who may be interested.
  10. We have also previously suggested another option. @Momo has agreed to handling the technical end of things, while finances would be covered by several people. @Lokiana and @Magni have offered to be moderators indefinitely, although ideally we'd like to take on dedicated mods who could devote their time more fully to the forums, as both Lokiana and Magni are committed to other projects. The downside of this plan is that this team would have less experience running a forum specifically. The upside is that we're in touch with aro communities and our members have been active on the forums. It would also stay unaffiliated with AVEN, it's culture, and asexual communities in general by keeping the forums separate. There were originally hesitancies over whether we should take over as AUREA, as we don't wish to monopolize the aro communities, or let our offer be just be a few members lending a hand. In light of the developments however, it is possible for the AUREA team to take over maintaining the forums. We'd like to know what other offers are on the table eventually, too, as maybe there is one that would be more beneficial to the community.
  11. AUREA was founded independently of the forums and combining them isn't possible right now. We're however talking to other groups about how to save the forums if no one takes over the responsibilities of Phoenix by March 29th.
  12. Once again we are putting together a collection of aro thoughts and experiences! As you may or may not know, the 'R' in AUREA stands for recognition, and we want to recognize just what it means to be aromantic. The future is an uncertain thing and as aromantics our paths will likely divert from what is considered the norm - tell us what your future looks like. If you'd like to share your thoughts write about your plans, a dream, a reality, or something in between. This piece will be titled 'My Aromantic Future', and you can click the link for more detail and/or to submit an entry: https://forms.gle/U6XvVwBDJnVtJNLk8
  13. Edit and update: HERE is some ASAW information up on the AUREA site. More to come when the ASAW-dedicated site launches.
  14. AUREA is working with representatives from Aro Official (who has run ASAW online in the past) and from aro and a-spec advocacy groups like TAAAP to get an official ASAW website up with resources and information. Part of what we're doing is contacting publications and different groups to help spread the word. We'll be boosting ASAW events happening online and offline, so if there are people here who are doing things, definitely let us know @AUREA. Individual aros are also always welcome to reach out or join us. It's important that we, as individuals, reach out in ways only individuals can, while AUREA and other formal organizations do their part as well.
  15. We do, in Basic Terms in the Glossary there's the Queeplatonic Relationship entry and at the bottom there are links to the website where the coining took place and a link to @Coyote's Genealogy of Queerplatonic post on Pillowfort. Should anyone be interested in words used in the aromantic community and their meaning and history, we put together the Glossary with links to posts where such words or phrases were first used if possible. This is the case with the Queerplatonic Relationship entry too. This thread shows that the topic of the origins of QPRs is still one that aromantics are interested in talking about and we'll link to it in January's Whats's Going On post. You can always reach us through the e-mail, contact@aromanticism.org and we'd be grateful for tips about interesting topics, like that post about early aromantic community history for example We don't have any resource collecting aromantic and aromantic adjacent history in our Resources section, because there doesn't exist a single comprehensive resource on this exact topic that we could lead people to. When it comes to the history of words, we collect the history of that in the Glossary where possible, so that people can have contact with the source. This is the case with the Queeplatonic Relationship entry and at the bottom there are links to the website where the coining took place and a link to @Coyote's Genealogy of Queerplatonic post on Pillowfort.
  16. We are putting together a collection of aro thoughts and experiences. As you may or may not know, the 'R' in AUREA stands for recognition, and we want to recognize just what it means to be aromantic. Being aromantic is such a personal thing, and there’s so much more to it then can be summed up by a simple definition like “experiences little to no romantic attraction". We want to showcase that. Write about your identity, a dream, a reality, or simply what it’s like to you to be aromantic. This piece will be titled 'My Aromanticism', and you can click the link for more detail and/or to submit an entry: https://forms.gle/c9z5YBPL4ZTupKoU9
  17. Heads up, everyone: AUREA has a dedicated account on Arocalypse (this one). 👍

  18. We've made an AUREA-specific account (this one) to respond to anyone on Arocalypse from now on. This is to make it easier for you all to talk to the Team and understand what's coming from the official organization and what's just coming from us as individuals. You can ping the Team by typing @AUREA.
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