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  1. Further to today's government advice on avoiding all unnecessary social contact especially group gatherings, with a heavy heart I'm cancelling the meets until further notice. I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this and please know that we are here to support you virtually at any time, and I also strongly encourage the use of both the WhatsApp group and the Facebook group for aro and ace support during this time. If anyone would like a video group meet I'm more than happy to schedule that. As always, if you have any suggestions on ways we can virtually support each other please comment about it. This is due to the government advice of avoiding all unnecessary social group gatherings, which I'm sure you understand and I encourage everyone to abide by the best they are able. Hopefully we'll be back up and running soon, but I guess it'll be May at best. For further information: aroacesocial@yahoo.com www.aroacesocial.weebly.com Please stay safe and well, and as I said, if we can support each other virtually please contact us. Regards, Lianne
  2. I decided to see if we could start a lithromantic / akoiromantic / aproromantic discussion. I've just had an epiphany and have realised that I'm lithromantic - the attraction fizzles out when I'm in a relationship (when partners start reciprocating it by being romantic with me, which always makes me go cold in terms of attraction). It's not them saying "I love you", but the whole body language when they become romantic with me. It's highly frustrating. I'm fed up of my relationships going pear-shaped. I can crush on a celebrity for years or someone who doesn't reciprocate back, but once I'm in a relationship I tend to want out fairly quickly. I'm lucky to get a few months. Usually I end up alternating between women and men because I've always misread the lack of attraction. An ex has just come back in my life (not as a partner as yet), but I'm scared I'll hurt him all over again, I don't want to hurt anyone and definitely not a good 'un like him. I suppose with awareness comes mindfulness about how I then function in such relationships, helping me to have choice about how I then respond in a relationship (unlike being unaware and on autopilot that is). Are there any other lithromantics on here who could tell me their story and how they approach being lithromantic especially in relation to relationships (or have you given it up as a futile attempt?) Can we get a lithromantic chat going? It's like I theoretically am attracted romantically to some people, but in practice it is just stressful and nauseating and I feel like I need to run a mile. It's not that I'm scared of commitment because I actually value commitment in terms of loyal and trustworthy friendships. Thanks.
  3. Important notice: I'm rearranging the meeting today due to disruptive weather. Please accept my apologies for the late notice. L1 will be atrocious and there's serious travel disruptions.
  4. Saturday Social Saturday 18th January 2020 2pm Meeting at Egg Cafe, Liverpool for our regular social. As usual any problems on the day my number is 07594607252. Games Afternoon Sunday 9th February 2020, 2pm Sugar and Dice Board Game Cafe in Liverpool. Please RSVP by end of January for booking numbers. Any problems on the day 07594607252. Saturday Social Saturday 29th February 2020, 2pm Meeting at Egg Cafe, Liverpool for our regular social. As usual any problems on the day my number is 07594607252.
  5. Next meet: Saturday 18th January 2020, 2pm, Egg Cafe Our usual Saturday social at the Egg Cafe. There is a suggested voluntary contribution towards the costs of Meet-Up of £1 to be paid on the day in person. As always, my number on the day is 07594607252 if there are any problems.
  6. Firstly, I hate threads like this. The written language is so limited and we all need to look after each other in that way. Isn't greyromantic (including any grey-attraction covered by this like demi) RARE attraction. And as such they have much more in common with us than the average alloromantic. They are not alloromantic in that way because the large part of their life IS aromantic and their life is affected accordingly. That is why they are included because they actually have more in common with aromantism than with regular alloromantics and as such we all need to be supportive of each other in an inclusive manner. In some ways it is seriously wrong to lump them as alloromantics because the larger portion of their life is aro and it's not for us to question this. As for the flag, it could actually be argued against a million different individual flag labels and to just have one that reflects the whole non- cishet "social normal". That doesn't mean I'm arguing against any individual flag here, I'm just trying to make the inclusive point.
  7. This has been cancelled due to low numbers. At the moment Saturday 14th is still on and will access the numbers next week.
  8. Sorry, I've had to rearrange the Egg meet to Saturday 14th December instead of 30th November due to unforeseen family stuff. Maybe it can be our Xmas meet! Xmas jumpers recommended but by no means compulsory! Please remember to RSVP for the Sugar and Dice meet on Sunday 8th December, thanks!
  9. Sorry! North West England it stands for!! This is only a suggestion for those who feel able to do so, and no pressure on anyone who at present can't: Some of you might be aware of the costs of running a Meet-Up group (this group would not run without the Meet-Up platform). The latest bill was £90 / 6 month period. The exchange rate has not helped matters. Now, I've always had the attitude that I refuse to charge at the expense of putting people off joining or attending (you will notice that other Meet-Up groups have official charges for joining and/or RSVPing to events). I've always prefered to encourage people to get together (that is the purpose of Meet Up in my eyes) and not put up any barriers to anyone. This is why I'm only suggesting a voluntary contribution of £1 per attended meet (but feel free to be flexible for your own needs with this) towards the meetup organiser subscription costs (in person or contact me directly otherwise). I am also a volunteer who is an unemployed student, so any support would be greatly appreciated. But I stress there is no compulsory requirement.
  10. Next meets: Saturday 30th November 1:30pm at the Egg Cafe, Liverpool Sunday 8th December 2pm at Sugar and Dice. Please rsvp by end of November so I can book a suitably sized table. Thanks 😁 Any problems on the day my number is 07594607252
  11. Hi everyone, Tomorrow's Egg meet is cancelled due to low numbers. I will try a different day of the week and reschedule. If you have a suggestion for a particular evening please let me know as we can try it! And a polite reminder to rsvp for Sugar and Dice on Sunday 10th November asap so I can book an appropriately sized table. Thanks! Lianne 🙂
  12. Sunday 10th November 2019 2pm Sugar and Dice Board Game Cafe in Liverpool. Please RSVP by end of October for booking numbers. Any problems on the day 07594607252. Note: Next Liverpool A-Spec Social Tuesday 29th October 7pm Egg Cafe, Liverpool.
  13. I thought I'd share this "poem" I wrote inspired by my latest squish. I say "poem" because I'm more interested in the therapeutic aspects of creative arts than the rules and regs. I haven't yet given it a name, or I might leave it untitled on purpose due to socety's sidelining of close friendships: Are we all friendship-starved? In a romance obsessed society that puts emphasis on the item as an independent one, where has the best friend gone, or the childhood-mates once so close? Have we grown up from friendships to adult relationships? If that is the case I’d rather not grow up! “Romance” with my “other half” all from a double-attraction stance that stands as the sole criteria for love, companionship, connection, life… but in its shadow is its loneliness of separated, isolated independence, a heart’s dark, unspoken sickness, that when I get one moment of friendship I realise how seriously starved I am.
  14. I've finally got my head around my October diary 😁: Saturday October 12th 2pm at Egg Cafe Tuesday October 29th 7pm at Egg Cafe. I am hoping to schedule the next Sugar and Dice meet in November, though details tbc. As usual my number on the day is 07594607252 Hope to see some of you there, Lianne
  15. I've started just to shrug and say queersexual for my sexual attraction. Technically speaking I'm heterosexual but my aesthetic attraction is seriously homo-leaning that causes a certain amount of chaos, so much so that at one point I thought I was gay. Unless anyone knows a better descriptor! I'm definitely aromantic though, no doubts about that!

    1. aro_elise


      i experience aesthetic and platonic attraction to plenty of girls but i identify as completely heterosexual, always have.  i identify as queer since i'm aro.

    2. DogObsessedLianne


      I think what it really comes down to is the question of "do you just want to admire from a far, or do you then desire to do anything actively, though then of course it gets into the question of grey-attraction or general attraction. It's generally been quite a difficult task to work out what's what in general double-allo society, but I think I'm slowly getting there eventually - I see light at the end of the tunnel in terms of self awareness!!!!

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