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  1. A nice chat this evening :-). For those who are not able to make this time on a Sunday evening (I find it easier to organise in UK time but google tends to be quite helpful for time zone variations), are there any better times/days for you? I can't personally promise anything, but of course that doesn't prevent anyone else organising a different time without me if my UK-time limitations are difficult. I know many people aren't keen on such a responsibility, but it really isn't much to organise to be honest if it's something you are interested in doing? From my perspective, I'm planning on
  2. Romantic attraction is all about belonging and being completed by the person. The desire for them to be "all that you need" and be "all that they need". Wanting to have sex with them is sexual attraction. It certainly doesn't help matters when alloros-allosex mix the two though, so much heartache for me over the years has stemmed from that conflation by average society.
  3. Here. And I aim for once a month but I can't commit to a set week or day of the month. Though it'll be roughly every 3 - 5 or so ISH weeks or there's abouts, at the moment Sunday evenings UK time (though that can be rearranged as a group as long as it isn't early hours (UK). I have checked the link to make sure it's still active (I had a problem recently with another Meet link I used), so it should be good to go tomorrow. It seems like the trick is for me to switch it on regularly to keep the link active!
  4. Google Meet should work on your regular internet browser using the link provided. I know that the Google Mail app has a "join Meet" section also. I just use the regular browser though. See you tomorrow :-)
  5. @Elin WIt is January 10th and on Google Meet. I've just searched "time in Sweden" and it looks like you are an hour ahead of the UK, so it should be 8PM. Hopefully see you then :-)
  6. I was wondering whether people wanted to discuss "aro relationships" as the topic for the next meet? Unless anyone would like to suggest anything else. I was looking at the shared Google Doc and thought that the whole topic regarding relationships might be a good discussion. Relationships Types of β€œaro” relationships Intersection with relationship anarchy Sexuality while aro (do people feel there is a connection between their aromanticism and sexuality, not all aros are ace -> how does this affect their sexua
  7. Just to let you know that I'm considering Sunday 10th January for the next meet, same time (7PM UK time), same link meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw Would anyone like to suggest a topic for the meet - anything you would particularly like to discuss? @Erederynhas sent me a Google Doc with ideas, so in theory I should be able to share it with those who attended on Sunday, as soon as I've worked out how to do it that is. It'll also be a good backup for if this forum goes down again. But I just wanted to give you the date and time now just in case!
  8. It did! I would post the link to the video here but I think there would be too many trigger warnings about it.
  9. The latest one for me is that "I'm not allowing someone's love and affection because I have problems with my self esteem". Seriously, someone recently sent me a video about that thinking it would "help" me accept his love πŸ™„.
  10. Right, I was thinking Sunday 13th December, 7PM (UK time) meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw Topic: Interests, Identifications and What Aromantism Means To You Questions to consider: What are you passionate about in life? What are your hobbies and interests? Tell us an interesting fact about yourself? How do you identify as? What does aromantism mean to you? These questions are for the virtual meet, there's no pressure to answer these questions exactly, but hopefully you get the general gist of the meet's topic. It might also be good to have a few minutes of feedback at the
  11. OK, I might suggest a Saturday, maybe late afternoon UK time (possibly around 4pm), either that or a Saturday evening UK time (7 or 8pm for example). I'll double check calenders and get back with a more precise date. I agree with the introduction idea. Actually, any type of ice breaker to begin a meet is probably good. I personally haven't come across the podcast mentioned, but I'll see if I can look into it. We could also have meets where someone has suggested a book that they have enjoyed (ideally non-romantic!) and we can give people a month's notice and it can be the discussion t
  12. OK, I'll look into that probably later this week. Maybe we can organise a day and time for December, and I'll contact TAAAP. If anyone has any suggestions for topics to focus on please mention them here. I've got a couple of busy days this week, but then I'll have a serious think about organising a date and time probably at the end of this week or so. Until then, any suggestions for topics, and availabilities including country/timezones. πŸ™‚
  13. Evenings on Eastern Standard Time might be difficult for me because I'm in the UK, so I think I'm 5 hours ahead of you (I always get a little bit confused about time zones but I generally get there!) Would a weekend be better do you think?
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