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  1. meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw (just in case you are struggling to find the link) I've just double checked the link to make sure it was still active, and it was, so see some of you tomorrow (11AM UK time). UnYoung kindly posted this link on the Facebook group that could be useful for the discussion tomorrow: https://lgbta.wikia.org/wiki/Tertiary_Attraction?fbclid=IwAR33Q-gMWOBjCruHI6lNrKLXl30FYbQjI2P6dP2DgwMH8x3LnUeo-ZbJAtM
  2. It might be a good idea to alternate between the two times to try to give a broader range for people. But if you can't sleep at 5AM you know where we are!
  3. OK, Saturday 10th April 11AM (UK time). Topic: Other forms of attraction that interplay with your aromanticism in life Link: meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw
  4. Sounds like a good idea. I heard back from the other person so if it's ok we'll try 11am (UK time). If I say the weekend of the 10th/11th April would that work for the usual bunch and anyone else?
  5. I'm just posting on here after discussion on the Facebook group about scheduling the time for earlier due to a timezone different. We are discussing moving the time to around 11AM (UK time) on either a Saturday or Sunday. At the moment, everyone who regularly attends is a European timezone. If this can help at all let me know? :-)
  6. You have largely described my experience so you are certainly not alone in this. It is normally why I find myself attempting relationships just so I can have that closer, more prioritised friendship at least with someone. It usually goes pear-shaped thought at some point. By the way my dog's called Brian :-)
  7. Sunday 7th March 2021 7PM (GMT - UK time) meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw Topic: aro activism
  8. Just to let you know that I've set up a Facebook group for these videocalls as I'm aware that some people prefer Facebook. If you also know of anyone who would also be interested feel free to share the group with them, just let them know that there's security questions to answer before I admit members. https://www.facebook.com/groups/3585539994877768
  9. I also think these are all good ideas. So maybe we go for aro activism for March's meeting and use the others for April or May etc? I was thinking of the weekend of Saturday 6th / Sunday 7th? Before I say the usual time of 7PM (UK time) on the Sunday is anyone quietly screaming, "not that time again, I can't do it!". At the moment the whole weekend is free so I'll leave it at that for now and schedule the exact time in a few days or so. Let me know, otherwise I'll stick to the same old time :-).
  10. Yep, especially as friends often prioritise their romantic relationship above everything else. Bring back school "best mates" I say!
  11. Just to remind you of Sunday's meet at 7PM (UK time) and the link @ meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw The suggested topic is awareness and media in relation to aromanticism and such like.
  12. A nice chat this evening :-). For those who are not able to make this time on a Sunday evening (I find it easier to organise in UK time but google tends to be quite helpful for time zone variations), are there any better times/days for you? I can't personally promise anything, but of course that doesn't prevent anyone else organising a different time without me if my UK-time limitations are difficult. I know many people aren't keen on such a responsibility, but it really isn't much to organise to be honest if it's something you are interested in doing? From my perspective, I'm planning on
  13. Romantic attraction is all about belonging and being completed by the person. The desire for them to be "all that you need" and be "all that they need". Wanting to have sex with them is sexual attraction. It certainly doesn't help matters when alloros-allosex mix the two though, so much heartache for me over the years has stemmed from that conflation by average society.
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