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I don’t really think that I’ve had either a squish or a crush. I mean I’ve had people whose presence I enjoy but I’ve never wanted to act on that much at all. I mean yeah I want friends but the more I explore it the more I just feel like that isn’t something I’m too excited about. I like talking a lot but I get bored of it eventually, especially since that doesn’t fulfill me as much as it does stimulate my brain. I don’t really know what I want for my future but close friends sounds far better than romance or marriage. Perhaps a qpr along the way but I’ve never known anyone that I became so close with that I wanted to stay close with them for a long time. While at the same time I fear being lonely or unwanted more than most things. I guess that I’d enjoy gaming with others or stuff like that but it’s sorta like having friends over to me, eventually you just wanna be done with that for a while and then come back later.

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Omg my squish is awesome I think she might be the coolest person in the world. She is really, really, really good at four square like when we play she stays in king the entire time she's so good she would probably go to the Olympics if we had a team for four square. And she's like really weird and honestly kinda annoying but IN THE BEST WAY. She is also one of the funniest people I've ever met, which is hard to be because I've met a lot of really funny people, and her laugh is just idk cute? Endearing? Idkkkkkkkkkkk but she is SO FREAKIN COOL buuuuuut she's graduating this year and I'm a year younger so we might never see eachother again and never get to become better friends 😞

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