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Hewwo! I'm new!

I'm Orion, they/them, 18, Australian.
I'm aroace, which I discovered when I was 14, and trans and nonbinary; which I discovered a little after that.
I like to watch tv shows and movies (anything wholesome/happy/or fun pretty much!), and love arts and crafts (have recently been making many many different badge designs!).
I have a number of pets, and at the moment am babysitting a lamb for another few weeks at least :) its currently snuggled up under my arm, taking a little nap.
I'm very interested in cryptids, space, lgbt+ media, and attempting to create short films (am currently writing one called Cupid's Aro :))

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15 hours ago, running.tally said:

I'm really curious about these pin designs. :o

Thank you for the icecream! ♥ 

There's a variety of designs so far, fandoms, and pride mostly :D I've been posting them on my insta @eorions :D

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12 minutes ago, Spacenik86 said:

Like your username. Why did you choose it?

Just because my name's Orion (chosen due to my love of space) and orion wasn't an available name, so I just put a random letter at the start :D

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