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Hey! I go by Fae, I'm 20, and I use she/her and ae/aer pronouns (use both, please). I've been identifying as demiquoiromantic, but I just found idemromantic, and that seems to fit me a lot better. WTFromantic is cool too. I'm also bi and genderqueer. Otherwise, books and endangered/dying language are my favorite things. I write, edit, and read a ton, and I'm conversational in Irish (which may sometimes slip into what I write here). I just found this site last night, and I've been looking for some aro-spec community lately, so I'm really excited about it. I'm out as bi, and like...apathetically halfway out as aro-spec.


Question(s) for folks: is it at all a thing to absolutely *adore* romance stories and tropes (the cheesier the better) despite being aro-spec? Like, I love it so much. Also, though, I've found that in fandom I'm really fluid and unattached/unbothered by specific ships. Like, if it's a good story that stays away from anything too toxic, I can ship basically anyone for the duration of a story (canon or fic). Relatable or nah?

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Hi Fae! Gosh I love the neopronouns you chose. Also hurrah for genderqueer bud! :)

Here's some aro ice cream as a welcome gift: :aroicecream:


As for your question, absolutely. There are many people here who relate to your experiences. You don't have to be romance-repulsed to be aro and what kind of content you like to consume doesn't say anything about your own experiences of attraction. Hope that helps, and welcome again.

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