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The Light Generation

The Angel of Eternity

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The documentary below is an overview of something I really want to do in the future. Feel free to leave any impressions you had and/or any insights you gained while watching this documentary. I, personally, had some (semi-)emotional moments while watching it because of how loving and accepting everyone was to each other and because of the holy ceremonies performed. If you like this documentary please feel free to share it with others you may know.



The contents in this documentary go way against the societal grain and may be met with extreme skepticism by some who watch it. I do ask, because of this, that just because some of you may not be willing to accept the information presented in this documentary, that no one leave any negative comments. If you are the type of person who is quick to make assumptions and tends to be close-minded, please exit this thread NOW. This discussion is not for you. I will trust that moderators of this forum will call out any unwelcome reactions on this thread. Thank you for your cooperation.




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11 hours ago, Ace of Amethysts said:

Let's see. Hour long propaganda video, shutting out criticism, saying that they're going to virtually starve for ten days... Yeah, nothing here is worth my time.

Hey, you’re only supposed to say nice things about the video in this thread! xD

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