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Hey, I’m Jen. I’m 14, Irish and questioning. Right now I’m leaning towards bisexual aromantic, but labels are overrated anyway. I came across the term aro a few weeks back and after mulling it over, I think it fits me pretty well.


I never really knew that your sexuality could differ from your romantic attraction up until recently. I was always super confused at why people would want to cuddle others or kiss or hold hands.


The whole “love of my life” thing never really made sense to me and none of my friends understand why I  don’t want kids or a spouse.


Ive told people before that I’ve had crushes on people. There were 3 main reasons I think I said this. 1. To fit in. 2. Because I was sexually attracted to them. Or 3. Because I really wanted to be friends with them.


Im not out to my family, and I don’t think I will be for a long while, there’s no need for them to know right now and it would only stir things up.


I think I’d be open to a relationship if it was a “friends with benefits” kind of scenario. Realistically it would be hard to find someone with the same outlook or someone who wouldn’t need a romantic bond to be content in a relationship. But I’m in no particular rush.


Although it is kind of unsettling seeing all my friends get boy/girlfriends or fawning all over them. I kinda feel useless sometimes when u can’t relate to what they’re telling me, like “butterflies” in they’re stomachs or feeling faint when they see the person. In my opinion it sounds more like an illness then an attraction. 


Anyway, still unsure if aro suits me but with the help of this website I hope to find out. This site seems to have nothing but really supportive people. I hope to see you all around,

bye for now ??

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Hi Jen! Welcome. :) This site definitely has some really cool peeps on it and I hope you can find this space useful to do all of your figuring stuff out. The nuances of romance are so hard to pin down.

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Hello and welcome! please enjoy some aro colour themed virtual icecream :aroicecream:

I'm sure you will find quite a few relatable experiences in the forums, especially as I think so many of us have had alternative experiences with that thing, the 'crush'. Hope to ee you around the forums! :) 

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