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an Aromantic manga?

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I just discovered this manga called 'Aromantic (love story)', which is translated in French, and I believe this is a manga about someone who is Aromantic. I watched someone talk about on YouTube, but my French isn't 100% there yet, so I'm not sure. Has anyone read it, and if so, is it good?
update: I have found out that this is indeed a comedy manga about a female AroAce mangaka (someone who writes mangas), and that it has a lot of humour, and that the protagonist is very good. A French person on YouTube who reviewed said that she would recommend it to others as well.
Here is the link to the review, thankfully there are French subtitles so I could understand it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RppMchCe3t4

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Oh, this is really cool! It's interesting to see how explicitly aro ace they made the story coding in this edition. For anyone who's curious about the original japanese version and some of the vocabulary involved, there was some talk about it on tumblr a couple years ago. 

The english fan scanlation stopped only a few chapters in, so I'm curious to see if it ever gets an official license here.

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