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Saw badoo commercial and it makes me kinda mad

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Well, what did you expect? It's a commercial for a dating app after all. They want to sell their product, so single life is absolutely depressing and horrible ;).
By the way, I recommend the wikipedia article about commercialization of love to you (or everyone). It gives some very interesting insights about the way romantic love is viewed and how capitalism influenced it. It's not super detailed but a nice start off into this topic.
I  still sympathize with you since these things definitely tend to annoy me too. Sometimes it's the small things.

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Lol Notheartless I definitly see where you’re coming from! I understand that a company has to sell the app, but yea it jsut gets on my nerves a bit because I’m just tired of seeing everyone portray single life as this horrible miserable thing. But yea I do agree

1 hour ago, lonelyace said:

As if no one could live a fulfilling life without a romantic partner.

1 hour ago, lonelyace said:

Lol right!

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