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Songs About Demiromanticism?

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Hello!!! I've only figured out i'm demiromantic within the last month or so, and I really wanna try and find music I can relate to. My best friend has shared some music about aromanticism that's really good, but it got me thinking about how I've heard literally no songs or albums about demiromanticism ever. Do y'all have any suggestions? :arolove:

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Guest StoriBOOK13

There is a song I heard that's Demiromantic. It's called Jenny (I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship) by Studio Killers. Meet Me At Our Spot is also a really good one that could technically fit into that category.

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Guest Popcorn

I'm demiromantic/demisexual and I think that a good love song (love song because its hard to find one that matches up with how it feels when you are demiromantic)is called "Is It Love" by JORDY. I think it fits demiromantic love pretty well, however that is my opinion and it might not be the same for you.

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