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Conflicting Pizza Preferences

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So today I was at a marching band competition and I was in the stands with a few of my friends when one of my friends commented that the pizza had too much sauce on it. Now I was totally shocked because I personally prefer my pizza to have a lot of sauce. However she said that she preferred her pizzas to have more cheese than sauce. What about you guys?

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Mood, I don't like pepperoni and generally only eat cheese; the only other topping I like at all is bacon, and even then I often pick most of it off to eat separately first.  though yeah there's a certain reasonably equivalent ratio you want between cheese and sauce and stuff? Like....if there's too much sauce the cheese tends to slide too much and it's generally messy....I suppose there's a point where too much cheese is a problem but it doesn't generally come up I think? Also, part of it depends on the sauce itself and how spicy it is though....and I think overall, the bread/crust is what's most important for overall pizza quality.

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