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Hello folks!

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I'm Margaux. I am autistic. Looking back on my life so far, I guess I never truly cared about romance. I'm fine if it's in a story or some other people are in a romantic relationship, but since my first romantic relationship ended back in March, I've become completely romance-repulsed. Most of my past "crushes" were most likely due to pressure from amatonormativity. I now know that when I like someone, it's alterous attraction. Anyways, every time I consider the idea of cuddling or kissing someone in a queerplatonic way, it always brings up memories of my ex, who did not seem to understand my boundaries. He never hurt me, but that relationship left me romance-repulsed, like I said. If I do end up in a queerplatonic relationship in the future, there probably won't be much physical contact. Of course, being autistic does make me way more sensitive to being touched.


But, that's enough about my experience with romance! With regards to what I like to do, I love listening to my favorite band, Starset. I enjoy writing stories, drawing, going on walks, and playing Minecraft. I'm also rewriting a Minecraft fan-fiction that I've had going for three years. My favorite show is RWBY. I've been rewriting an original story I've had since I was 10 or 11, too. It's about wolf-like aliens, fox-like aliens, and their conflict with shape-shifting coyotes who were created in labs on Earth. I'm still working on worldbuilding, and how humans will fit into the story, since this story will take place about 100 years into the future. It will be a sci-fi/fantasy story, and the title is Stories From The Meridius System! The wolf-like aliens will have their abilities and secondary forms based on the western zodiac, and the fox-like aliens will be based on the Chinese zodiac.

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Welcome! Have some aro ice cream for your troubles: :aroicecream: I think many of us will relate to your romantic experience; it is nice that you found a word to describe your feelings. I know that finding the aro label was a big win for me.

I am also very excited to hear about your writing and world-building, as a writer myself. There are some cool writing and creativity threads on here that I'm sure you'd like, so hopefully you'll stumble upon those as you peruse the site. :) 

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