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Hello to everyone


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 First, english is not my language so i offer my humble  apologies in advance for my (m)any mistakes. 

Second, hello everyone,  long story short, my name is Ivan, i'm a 37 years old cisgender heterosexual man and after years of thinking and over thinking I finally realized that I was aro  all my life. I have been in short and long relationships with wonderful women and the common criticism was that I was a bit cold, not very demonstrative and of course..... not romantic. Despite the fact that I cared about them, that  I really enjoyed the friendship, having sex and spending time,  all the "romantic" aspect was always weird and alien to me (since I was a teen) . 

Not long ago I discovered the aromantic term and was a relief because I always thought that something was wrong with me (not wanting to marry or having kids, being happy while being single, not understanding some things my friends talked about, etc),  specially the fact that I thought I was shallow and egoistic with my ex girlfriends  because I couldn't offer them the connection they needed.

Still some people think that I'm afraid of being vulnerable, that I have commitment issues or the classical you haven't met the right woman but I just laugh and  shrug it off, can't blame them, but I think that will change in time. 

Well, thanks for reading and have a nice day!. 







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1 hour ago, Imbr said:

First, english is not my language so i offer my humble  apologies in advance for my (m)any mistakes. 

What mistakes? I think your written English is better than mine, and that is the best added letter pun I have seen in ages!


It is great you found a term to identify with, simply having a word can be quite fulfilling. I am sorry you felt you were shallow when you thought it was only you, but you certainly aren't alone (though the visible community is small I'm sure that is mainly because of the lack of knowledge about aromanticism in mainstream thought). We are not shallow, we are just different, and I hope that this place gives you something to think about and maybe even a confidence boost when you are out and about in life (I know it has helped me).  ?

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