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Receiving a confession


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So yesterday, for the first time since identifying as Aro, I received a confession.


And if there were any lingering doubts or guilt at all about my aromanticism there definitely isn't now.


Before when people would confess to me I'd feel uncomfortable, guilty and distressed that I didn't understand how I felt and the worst part is I'd become physically sick.

With yesterday's situation I felt almost the exact same, only this time rather than feeling confused and distressed about not understanding how I felt I knew and understood immediately.


Even though I still felt guilty for it and physically unwell, I am extremely happy to feel that I finally understand myself. And all of that is thanks to finding the aroace community. :arolove:

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This is very relatable! And I'm very happy to hear that you are more comfortable in these kinds of situations now. I feel the exact same way now that I have that Aro label to explain my feelings and reactions. :) Sometimes a label really is super helpful, and I'm happy to hear from someone else about its positive impact.

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