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  1. Sup. Today was okay. I was avoiding someone the whole day so that was a bit stressful, but I turned in almost all of my school projects so I barely have anymore school work to do and I am just chilling. A friend bought me a slushie at dunkin donuts so that was fun.🍩
  2. My ex(from when I thought I was alloromo) told me that she still loved me and that the reason she broke up with her recent girlfriend was in order to be with me but because around the same time I had just figured out I was aro and came out to her, she had kept quiet about it until now and currently I kinda wanna punch a brick wall because my aro ass is taken by my lovely qpp and is not ready for this romance bs. 

    1. Costati


      So she knows you're aro but broke up with her girlfriend un the hope of being in a romantic relationship with you ? Or did I get this wrong..because it's sound super rude of her said in that way.

    2. arokaladin


      ^^^ yeah I don't know if it's appropriate to say 'that sucks' or 'damn her' lmao

    3. yenyyoo


      @Costati She originally broke up with her girlfriend but only told me about the breaking up part. I told her I was aro like maybe the next day or so. @arokaladin I honestly don't know if I should say this sucks or damn her because I was trying to move on in life while she was trying to rekindle something :/

  3. Teaching friends about each of the new pride flag bitmojis is probably on of the most interesting and validating experiences I've had (I was surprised about how much I knew). Anyway I'm our school's ultimate queer and the encyclopedia of queer knowledge.

  4. I'm a really touchy person. In general it feels a lot easier for me to express myself through hugs or pats on the back, high fives, casual hand holding, even kissing if it's very clear that the situation is casual. The amount of how touchy I am with someone depends on how close I am to them. For example, if it's a friend I only speak to in class, the most I would to is a gentle pat on their shoulders(comforting them after a failed test) but if it's a close friend I would hug them without thinking at any point. Some people are more huggable (?) than others but idk if anyone would understand. I usually do ask for consent in some way. For example, I would explicitly ask if they want a hug or I wait for them to open up their arms as an okay sign. I also feel sensual attraction. Like, I would feel the sudden urge to squeeze someone's face or hug them intensely. But all of this goes away the minute I get the sense that the situation might be romantic. Recently I was asked to a concert with this guy friend and I only thought it was a casual outing(he said the kid who was supposed to go with him bailed and I felt bad because it was his birthday). Long story short, I realized that it was a date waaaaayyyy after and I freaked out. I tried to put as much distance in between me and him as possible and I would step back whenever he tried to come close. We were on pretty okay levels of friendship at the time(I thought). He did like me at one point but he went through this big trouble of saying that he wasn't anymore (he sits on a throne of lies). The touch level was casual but only because I was sure we were just friends. Anyways the overall point is I'm comfortable with any level of physical contact as long as its platonic but the minute I sense it might be in a romantic context I am immediately repulsed.
  5. I thought someone was asking me out on a date and was basically on the brink of having a meltdown but it turns out it was just as strictly platonic friends and the amount of relief I feel is like heroin.



    1. Naegleria fowleri

      Naegleria fowleri

      Yessss... I've been trying to write a song like this! Thanks for showing it to us!

    2. aro_elise


      i've heard it!  i write aro stuff into my songs, too.

    3. Magni


      ooooh yes just listened, much good! currently trying to make a good aro playlist, definitely added!

  7. @ArivinI was gonna post this song because it is an aromantic bop everyone should heckin listen to it!!!!!
  8. Two years ago one of my closest friends had made an internet friend (we can call him Vicky) that she basically became QPPs with(she doesn't have that concept in her vocab). She is allo but this person was someone she was able to connect with on a very deep and emotional level (of course there was a period when she did have romantic feelings for this guy but that's another story). For two years, there wasn't one conversation where she didn't bring him up and honestly I was just happy that she had someone she could confide so much in. but recently (for about 6 months) they have begun fighting a lot and I could finally see how much of a toxic relationship it was. Basically, my friend put a lot of effort into maintaining the relationship but Vicky wasn't as committed. He would say to her, he would be there for her, he would always have her back, and he would always put her first. But that was usually all the things she had to do for him and it took a lot out of her. I remember seeing how emotionally drained she would be after she had to deal with one of his moods.He expected her to understand him completely without even having a chance to talk or communicate, and he wanted her to put up with his ridiculous moods. And he neglected her when she came to him. At first he seemed to listen and care, she did tell him a lot of her insecurities and worries and he became a vault of her secrets, but as time went on he kept on answering her with insincere replies and wasn't even present whenever they talked. He put other people above her and in general she really couldn't complain about it because he told her that he has every right to have relationships outside of her. And I respect that, but it's a problem when she becomes the last person on his mind and he generally stops caring about her. Also, when they fight, it always ends with her apologizing for "being inconsiderate" about his feelings and she told me she rarely hears him apologize to her. He is always in the right and she is always the one who messes up. She realizes how much of a shitty guy he is and is finally trying to get him out of her life. But, she has difficulty bringing up the topic of cutting ties. Is there anything I could do for her. I'm trying to be by her side but I want to know if there is anything else I could do
  9. Conflicted about prom and whether or not I should ask someone to be my platonic date.....All viable options are also alloromantics that have made a pass on me romantically and only other aro is taking their SAT

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. yenyyoo


      @techno-trashcan Thanks for the advice, it just seemed like everyone was just going with someone and I did feel a kind of pressure :/. I really am just going for the dessert table which was said to be legendary.

    3. arokaladin


      the aro agenda is going to 'romantic' events for the sweets

    4. Eklinaar


      Oh my god going to prom for desserts.  Why didn't I think of that?

  10. God I hate being at church, everyone is really toxic and expect me to be straight, neurotypical, cis and down for marrying men

  11. @Aurae Creepy guys are awful and they are even worse when you are aromantic
  12. So whenever someone asks me it usually is different between whether the person is a "safe" person or not (because I am really nice to everyone I get a lot of unnecessary adoration from a lot of my school's delinquents). If it's a regular person I just say I am not interested while if it's a delinquent I am just sort of leave them hanging and run away (bc most of the time they are men that are known for being violent if things don't go their way) while my other tougher friends go up to them and threaten them to stay away. Not ideal but if often times I don't feel safe just saying I'm uninterested or I have a bf(they just keep asking who the guy is).
  13. Only fellow aros will understand the amount of TURNT I am when I listen to aromantic anthem Oh No by Marina and the Diamonds

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    2. yenyyoo


      @Jot-Aro Kujo I'm Not a Robot is a song I listen every morning to get me feeling aro and proud

    3. techno


      marina and the diamonds is an aro icon

    4. arokaladin


      Guys you all Must listen to Lovesessed by Die/May

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