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i'm sure we all know 'straight as an aro,' and it works particularly well for us heterosexuals, but i just thought of this:

how was the heterosexual aromantic girl's semester?

she got straight 'a's.  

get it?  i'm a straight a.  (i use 'a' to mean 'anyone on the aro and/or ace spectrum'.)

someone may have already thought of that, but anyway, i was pleased with it.

btw, fellow straight 'a's, do you call yourselves straight?  for me it depends on the situation.  and do you let others?  only one person has my express permission to call me straight: my good friend who understands that it's not fully true.  she came up with 'straight but not'.  she's gay and we've talked plenty about our orientations.  let me now extend my permission to everyone on this site.


edit: just realized this could also apply to heteroromantic asexuals, but i don't think any of us are that.

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I call myself straight to save time and an explanation. If the topic of dating and why I don't do it comes up I tell people to consider me ace, because they tend to include being aro in that description. I guess it's... convenient that I'm ace as well as aro, lol. I would like for people to get there's a difference, if not for me, for the allosexual aros or alloromantic aces out there.


Also, nice pun but a bit of a stretch.:rofl:

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