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Hey. I'm VERY new here and I'm excited to meet some other aromantic people and have conversations with them. I only know one other person who is aro-spec (demiromantic), and they have only recently thought about that side of their identity, and only with me so I can't really go to them asking for advice on aromantic things when I seem to be the Aromantic Adviser in our relationship. I'm just excited to talk about and share things that I can't necessarily share with my friends irl/ things that my irl friends don't understand. I am aromantic asexual and I realised so when I analysed who I liked and at first I thought "I'm asexual but I'm probably panromantic cause I wouldn't mind dating anyone from any gender" but then I realised that the reason I had no preference towards gender was not cause I was actually pan but because I had no real want for romance with ANY gender. I enjoy musicals, a lot, physics, maths and the future of computer science intrigue me and I'm very engaged in politics and debating.

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