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Hello everyone! My name is Sarah, and I'm a mid-twenties Canadian. I only really found out about aromanticism back in June, and though it struck a chord with me (especially the idea that romantic attraction was a spectrum and its own thing), I didn't really look into it until recently. Suddenly, my whole life (and past romantic/sexual relationships) makes a lot more sense! 


Although I experienced platonic love and deep emotional/intimate connections with past partners, I always felt like there was something missing, or that I wasn't able to 'give' them what they needed. For years, I attributed these feelings to my own insecurities and self-esteem issues - there were many layers, but I always felt like I was either 'not enough' or 'too much' for them. I felt deeply uncomfortable doing 'couple' type things, or being identified as someone's romantic partner (and always so, so much relief after ending a relationship but also guilt because if I loved that person then ???). I am also a very sexual person, so there were a lot of 'blurred lines' with sexual partners, which was (and can still be) very confusing for me (and them, lol) - because I would want to hang out and emotionally connect but platonically, and they would get freaked out because I was moving 'too fast' and they misinterpreted my interest as romantic. 


So it's very exciting for me to discover that there IS an aromantic community out there, and I'm looking forward to learning more about aro, myself, and getting to know you lovely people! Just briefly, because I could rattle on forever about all of the many aro-related epiphanies I've made about my life, I'm into: long-distance hiking, photography, books, canoe tripping, camping, cooking, and very, very dark chocolate. 

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Welcome! have some aromantic food mascot ice-cream :aroicecream:

there are plenty of topic where rattling on forever is basically the only thing we do, and you are super welcome to join us :)

I have come across this vague thing of 'too fast' and find it mighty confusing. Romantic people can be strange and confusing. Anyway, before I start rambling incontinently I'll stop and go ramble elsewhere.


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19 hours ago, ladyasym said:

I'm into: long-distance hiking, photography, books, canoe tripping, camping, cooking, and very, very dark chocolate.


Welcome! You sound interesting. Canada must be an amazing place to do all those things?. I'm from UK but a lot of my favourite music comes from Canada :) Hope you'll like it here.

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