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So my name is Oona, I'm aroace, 20 years old and come from Finland. My favourite things are Christmas, chocolate and blankets. I realised that I'm aroace a little less than a year ago and it's been a rocky path for me to come to terms with it (I'm still not that at ease with the whole thing, but I'm getting there I think).

My friends don't really know how to talk to me about it, or actually I'm not even sure if they want to talk to me about it, I think they would just like to forget I ever said anything and that really bugs me because it just takes me back with the whole progress I've made with accepting myself. Also I've just made some new friends who I would so much like to tell, but really dont know how to and I'm in need of emotional support:-D (Things are getting quite awkward with "let's find a boyfriend for oona!")

Okay so yeah I'm quite bad at ending things so nice to meet you all and now I'm just gonna stop writing

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5 hours ago, oona said:

My favourite things are Christmas, chocolate and blankets.

Not long to wait now! I hope you make the most of them when they happen because for the rest of the year you will only have chocolate :P


The friends I have told don't really want to talk about it with me either, but it seems your friends don't understand or are in denial about it if they are trying to set you up still! When they talk about getting you a boyfriend I think clearly saying 'No, I am aroace' is your best option. Maybe try explaining it to them again as well?


If your new friends meet your old friends they will take social cues about interaction from what is already happening, so it is possible they will start treating you the same way if you don't tell them (your old and new friends) that their actions are hurtful. You can tell people they are being hurtful without coming out, but it seems your old friends need the constant reminder of your orientations for a while at least. 


Also a warm Welcome!  :chocolate::aroicecream:

I hope you find some support reading the other experiences forums 

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Hello and welcome, fellow Finn :D:aroicecream:


I think the best way of telling friends is to just say "Hey, I really need to tell you something because it's getting weird that you don't know. I'm aromantic and asexual, yoooo." So if you want to, just go for it ^^

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