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Naming It Matters: “Singlism,” “Matrimania,” and Their Journey into Our Awareness


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That was an interesting article. Matrimania is having a resurgence in all those reality tv shows centred around weddings, brain washing the next generation......


I clicked through some of the links and the 'Check Your Marital Privilege' one had some funny stuff. 

  • I enjoy the presumption of happiness: People assume that because I am married, I’m happier than I would be if I were single. If I am not happy, people don't assume it's because I'm married.
  • I do not receive unsolicited advice about what I did wrong that led me to get married, or what “issues” I have that left me in the sorry state of matrimony
  • I do not get looks of pity when strangers learn that I am married.

the rest of it though was sad, or sort of America-centric....I'm fairly sure some of that stuff doesn't apply in the Commonweath or other nations

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