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Romantic Dreams


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Do you guys get romantic dreams?

How do you feel in your dreams?

How do you feel about the dreams once you wake up?


I have romantic dreams every now and then, and they normally just leave me feeling confused. In my dream, I can feel the love. Both the love I have for the person, and the love they have for me. I feel happy and safe in my dreams. I can honestly say these are the best dreams I have. I've never felt this feeling of love and happiness towards anyone before while I'm awake, and I'm sort of envious of dream-me. I usually wake up feeling empty and alone. Besides when waking from these dreams, I never feel lonely, so I don't feel like this often. It's hard to miss something you've never had in the first place. But these dreams are like a sneak-peak of what it could be for me if I wasn't aro. So to feel that love and happiness in the dream and have it ripped away from you upon waking... it's an intense switch which gives me very conflicting feelings. I've accepted and embraced being aromantic 7 years ago, but it's times like these where I sometimes wish I wasn't aro. Then I get mad at myself for having those thoughts. I'm happy with my life right now, but these dreams really confuse me sometimes. But in the end, I know they're just that. Dreams. I know I can't feel these things otherwise, so I don't dwell on it much. 

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I have had very deep love dreams before but they not really romantic, it was more of a possessive love like keeping and being kept. However I generally felt really really happy in them and upon waking up I felt sad and alone, sometimes like a sense of grief. Generally they happen when I am under a lot of stress so I like to think of them as my brain trying to give me a break with something good, but waking up is still horrible and doesn't help overall. 

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