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Aromantics Just Want to Be Your Friend

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Sorry if this was already posted somewhere, it is an older article (2014)



this line was just so great


If you think of romance as a personal interest, like golfing or bondage, you’ll understand that some people just aren’t interested.






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I'm surprised an article about aromanticism existed in 2014 and I'm just seeing it now!


I'm absolutely here for this visibility, although the tone got a bit patronizing when they started talking about when is "too young" to identify as aro, and the article seemed to look down on the idea of QPRs a lot... but then again, it is from 3 years ago.

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8 hours ago, techno-trashcan said:

it is from 3 years ago.

I gave the article a pass, especially about not refocusing after the 'too young' bit, because it is an older one, but seeing it does bring up the question: why are some of the more modern articles worse? 

But I am just glad that I could add something old but new!

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Wasn't too keep on the headline. because of the word "just".
Also "They're never gonna fall in love—because they don't want to." Could be read as being more about choice than orientation.
Theres the venn diagram with "satisfied with friendships".

Other than that I think the article covers things well. Especially agree with what Diana had to say on the subject.

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