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Music album about aromanticism

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Here we go, one from the new album "Aromanticism" :)



It's rather sad and beautiful, I think. Both the song and the video. What's your interpretation? (I think it's maybe saying something about an unbreachable chasm that exists between human souls and how, in some ultimate sense, we'll always be alone, however much we might want to breach that chasm, and how it's some tragedy of our existence that we can't ever fully breach it, not without ceasing to exist ourselves. Or maybe it's not about that xD)

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On 24/09/2017 at 4:25 AM, NullVector said:

What's your interpretation?

late night musing, so feel free to not agree with me, once I get some sleep it is likely I won't even agree with me buuut

It sounds like a comment on the ineptitude of our communication system, we will never truly know what other people mean or want. Speech and language cannot give understanding and only emptiness remains if you have a disconnect. 

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