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Hey there, just a new person dropping by. I've been spending some time on Ace forums, but it's nice to see a dedicated Aro forum

I'm Alice, a 21 year old lingustics student, and an Aromantic Bisexual. I've been exploring and trying to get some community ties going, rather than just being a lonely loner. 

A bit about myself: I speak many languages and am studying to be both a translator and an English teacher. I'm a huge nerd, and really into the Dreamcast and especially into shoot-em-ups/shmups. I own the dreamcast as well as the sega saturn (an amazing shooter console) and the genesis, as well as an Xbox, PS2, Nintendo 64, Wii, and a Turbografx-16 plug in emulator that I built myself. I sort of have a fixation with Shoot-em-ups, so if you get me going, I can talk about them for hours.

I'm something of a writer, but I'd wager I'm not very good. I draw too, but I'm even worse at that.

In any case, I'm happy to make my arrival and look forward to my time here.

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Welcome! ようこそ!


I'm not good enough to be a linguisitics student but language is a pet topic for me too. I'm a native English speaker but I've been trying to learn Japanese for a few months now.


I hope you find what you're looking for here - it's always nice to have more allosexual aros around here.

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