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  1. My school's library just put up a valentine's day display. I was really surprised (in a good way!) by what was on it.

    It was talking about the different kinds of loves, and how romantic love is not the only one! I was so excited to see it acknowledge this, instead of continuing to push an amatonormative message.

    1. NotHeartless


      Wow! I'm impressed. There's hope :arolove:

    2. Anything_but_allo


      Ah that’s awesome! Someone on insta I follow also posted on their story that for Valentine’s Day that actually made a “best friends forever” candy mold! 

    3. Apathetic Echidna

      Apathetic Echidna

      That is so great! It is very important not to exclude all the people not dating and that is a great way to spread all the loves :) 

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