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  1. I don't recommend trying it.
  2. I don't like uncooked rice, but I haven't tried uncooked pasta before. Perhaps I can give it a try.
  3. Jellyfish. Earthworms are silly though.
  4. yeah. there is a thread specifically for teens to chat in.
  5. fortunately i receive a formula sheet for my exams. i just need to remember the essentials.
  6. unfortunately i am not doing very good. the first two exams are fine, but i fucked up on the third one. i thought it was another exam that i didn't have to revise for, but i was wrong.
  7. welcome, by the way.
  8. jeez, i haven't been on here for a long time. i've been busy with exams.
  9. its alright, i didnt think u were rude at all. i dont hate my english IO, but the chinese IO on the other hand...
  10. are u reacting to my situation? im doing ibdp so there are oral exams for languages. ur school system could be different tho.
  11. i dont have to worry about remembering, bc our IO allows us to bring a bullet point sheet. its only 10 bullet points, but enough for me. im mainly worried about talking too fast or too slow and stuttering. at least i did well according to the teacher.
  12. i just finished my oral exam. the teacher said i did well. i can finally relax now.
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