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  1. yeah. there is a thread specifically for teens to chat in.
  2. fortunately i receive a formula sheet for my exams. i just need to remember the essentials.
  3. unfortunately i am not doing very good. the first two exams are fine, but i fucked up on the third one. i thought it was another exam that i didn't have to revise for, but i was wrong.
  4. jeez, i haven't been on here for a long time. i've been busy with exams.
  5. its alright, i didnt think u were rude at all. i dont hate my english IO, but the chinese IO on the other hand...
  6. are u reacting to my situation? im doing ibdp so there are oral exams for languages. ur school system could be different tho.
  7. i dont have to worry about remembering, bc our IO allows us to bring a bullet point sheet. its only 10 bullet points, but enough for me. im mainly worried about talking too fast or too slow and stuttering. at least i did well according to the teacher.
  8. i just finished my oral exam. the teacher said i did well. i can finally relax now.
  9. the dialogue sound effects.
  10. just installed an omori keyboard sound mod to my opera gx browser... it tickles my brain in all the right ways.
  11. i was sleeping anyway. its alright.
  12. i missed the 100th page but at least we got there.
  13. 99th page... so close.
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