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    im doing good. i just woke up minutes ago. how about you?
  2. illumi

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    ah, i didnt even realize a week will pass by this quickly. better take the time to celebrate before it ends.
  3. i didnt even know it was aro awareness week, so im just going to bid happy arospec awareness week to everyone i guess.
  4. illumi

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    happy arospec awareness week. i havent logged on in a while.
  5. illumi

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    maybe its inactive due to school. its been a while since i logged on as well.
  6. it refers to this alt symbol below but theres 1 more symbol which u havent mentioned that looks like this
  7. illumi


    yh. 4 many ppl sexuality is fluid. i used to exp attraction as well b4 realizing im anattractional but that doesnt invalidate my orientation now. u can have past crushes n still id as aspec ure not too young to know that ure any orientation. gay folks may find out theyre gay v early on n their age doesnt inherently invalidate their orientation either. so age shouldnt b a concern 4 aspecs either
  8. dt so. questioning orientation happens to a lot of ppl n while some r indeed what theyre questioning; others might b smth else. its not an immediate sign that ure arospec; it js tells me that u might b
  9. illumi

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    understandable. i dislike sex scenes when its unnecessary. but when its used to add depth n symbolism to the story idm it; such as the 1 done in arcane which is used to create contrast between the 2 charas theyre comparing romantic n sexual scenes in horror movies is 1 of my biggest pet peeves
  10. is there anything bad w the fact that yall still feel mutually romantically attracted or
  11. shorter answer is heteronormativity n amanormativity. loads of ppl mistake being aspec as straight 4 some reason due to amanormativity. not exping certain attraction n desiring certain relationships/activities is confusing to them
  12. i do this to establish boundaries n potentially meet fellow arospecs irl
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