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  1. When anything even remotely related to space comes on TV:

    Dad: "Bri!!!! There's something about SPACE on!!!!! Come look, quick!"


    (I study astrophysics)

  2. I really hate when there's a picture of a man with makeup or whatever, and everyone comments things like "love wins" and "gay people are awesome" and all the other usual stuff. Since when does a man wearing make-up make them gay? What does that have to do with anything? That would mean that pretty much any man on any TV show or theatrical production is gay.  

  3. Oh right, I finished a new cover photo for my profile~

  4. i have a friend named goddamez

  5. I'm allergic to cats AND dogs... :'( :sadpapo:


    ... And dust.

  6. Deck the in-ter-net with a bunch of trolls

    Troll-lol-lol-lol-lol Troll-lol-lol-lol

    Ah Trolling season. My favorite time of year

  7. I finally cut my hair! :aropridepapo:

  8. so i made technopapo

    i have made a grave mistake it looks terrible but i know nothing about techno aesthetic i just kinda took a shot in the dark


    it doesn't even fit but u know i'm too lazy to fix it

    1. Zema


      The original one was already good, but the new one is about 10x better. :arolove:

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  9. Student elections areon at the uni at the moment so there's just a whole bunch of people pestering you trying to get you to vote for them. Anyway, I really want to just point to my ace ring and tell them, "You see this ring? It means I don't give a fuck" and then just walk away.



  12. Do NOT spend time away from Arocalypse because when you come back you'll have forgotten your password and spend an hour typing random things in >:( Also, hi!

  13. Hey everyone I'm back from vacation :3


    How are you guys doing?

  14. Registration today. My dad didn't want to come with me so I was just awkwardly standing in all the lines xD

  15. Test, please reply once

    (I wrote a long thing and I don't think it posted)

  16. Found my old copy of Dynasty Warriors 3. Goodbye, free time! xD 

  17. So the show "The Bachelor" just started in Australia, and my mum is watching it. It's just an awful, awful show. I make sure to tell my mum just how stupid the show is. You don't even have to be aro to know this show is stupid it's that stupid. Did I mention that I think the show is stupid?

  18. How come there's never anyone in the chat?

  19. Hello? Is there anyone in the 'I failed a maths course' club that would care to welcome me in? Please? I'm lonely.

    1. Zema


      Maybe you shouldn't have failed maths :P.

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  20. Just finished binge-watching a new favourite cartoon show, Star Vs the Forces of Evil. It's pretty darn awesome, though unfortunately it has a little bit of a romance thing going on. Highly recommended! :arolovepapo:

  21. Just had an hour long TF2 game.. Jeez.

  22. Just had an hour long TF2 game.. Jeez.

  23. Going to my first ace meet today! I'll be going with @Dodgypotato as well, so all is good.

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