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  1. I haven't been on here in ages, feel like I should come back for a bit.

    1. Ace of Amethysts

      Ace of Amethysts

      Eh, our chat's server's better. :P You can join it here if you like: https://discord.gg/dXhyb5u

  2. Hey! Welcome to arocalypse! I hope you enjoy your time here.
  3. I'm too cool for a gender

  4. So I was on tumblr and I saw this post. I was wondering do any of you like the idea of it? I know there's lots of aroaces on here. Also if this is in the wrong place or I should take it down please let me know.
  5. I've got this right now with someone and honestly it's waaaaaay better than romance in my opinion.
  6. How the h*ck is it already Christmas?

    1. Louis On Air

      Louis On Air

      Oh I know. It just feels like december. Why can't my brain be as festive as it normally is?

  7. Tfw you jump from super Gay™ to super Aro™

    1. Cassiopeia


      Dunno, I'm good at multitasking :P

  8. Just found out that hypo- is a prefix you can use for weak attraction. Useful, now I don't have to specify which form of greyromantic it is this week

    1. Louis On Air

      Louis On Air


      I think now I'll start referring to myself as MetroMiner21 again

    2. paporomantic


      @Louis Hypo With your current self-branding, how about taking the pseudonym Louis Abeille:maybepapo:

  9. Help I've been hit with romantic attraction.

    1. omitef


      Hit it back



      Ask for a refund

  10. Same. Often if someone mentions they have a crush or are in a relationship, there's a sort of 'oh' moment where I realise not everyone is aro, lmao.
  11. Ugh, this headache is k i l l i n g me; not even ice cream could help. Where the heck are the painkillers? 

  12. It's tricky, especially because I don't really code many things as romantic anyway. The fact you can't use the word love or 'it has to be romantic!' is ridiculous to me, platonic love is still love, right? I also don't get how people make 'friends' so easily, when in my eyes they're really just acquaintances. Maybe that's just me. I wish you could hug people without everyone thinking you're a couple. To most people, it's fine if I hug someone of the same gender (as girls hugging is sort of an accepted thing) but I wish I could actually hug some of my closer friends who are male without people thinking it's weird. Also I can never pick up if I'm being 'too romantic'. I started hanging out with this one guy a lot because he's like, super cool and I've been meaning to get to know him for a while, and everyone was convinced I liked him. Ugh. Oh well, less romance means more time to dedicate to making friends!
  13. It's a little tricky, as some of my close friends seem to doubt my aroness a bit. However, I've found support in the two aces I know, along with a pan girl and her girlfriend. Glad I've got some support, although I wish I knew another aro in real life. I can't comprehend life with it! On the rare occasion it shows up and sticks around, anyway.
  14. We've got to study that this year... rip.
  15. I went through the 'boys!' phase quite quickly, and got a small crush on one of my best friends that faded after about 2 weeks (never doing that again!). After that I started to question my orientation a but until I came across aromanticism. It's still a little annoying how much people insist that I must have a crush on someone, because frankly if I did I'd probably ignore it anyway. After a short indecent last year where a QPR got a bit too romo for comfort, I ended up telling most of the kids in my classes that I was aro as an explanation for the situation, ans most now know that I'm not one for crushes or have some sort of knowledge that relationships aren't my thing. I'm glad most of my closer friends are supportive of it though. Something I am dreading though is if we have to write about anything too romantic in future classes... Oh well.
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