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  1. Welcome 🔰 Enjoy your stay And if you wanna talk I'm here trust I'm not an asshol
  2. I know you can always buy/make custom aro clothing, stickers, etc. but is them here anyone from here who is interested in that idea of making an official aro branded clothing from the site, so the tag says arocalypse. 😲
  3. It's unnessary and untruthful to do that, like a romantic partner and aromatic can chill but if a romantic partner starts to feel anything it gets awkward so like I think that should get addressed as soon as the topic gets brought up..
  4. Same, I could watch/listen to heterosexual/homosexual content however they may notice this and be like "what you know about that" but idgaf i f*cks with them 😬😄
  5. Do you have a SoundCloud or music outlet where I can check your music? 😲
  6. For the anime/manga heads, Nastu & Ezra and maybe even Lucy and Natsu, Ash and all the female friends he's journeyed with, and Goku and Bulma cuz holy could've got the panties but chi chi would rip his head off, I mean look at how bulma on the low be looking at Goku, but vegeta won't be hearing that neither. 😁😋
  7. Just tell Nik I really enjoy your company but I'm not into you like that and if he's a good friend he will understand and stop flirting 😁
  8. Slytherin because I love green and a opportunistic asshole when it comes to dueling. Plus I'm tired of harry being the main character, but I love Daniel
  9. Did you ever thought about doing archery
  10. I should've cleared up what I meant.. I meant to just have an app to use instead of the website because they already have pointless apps that barely anyone uses.. but I figured the forum idea is kind of 03' but I don't mind Carry on mate I love you anyway
  11. I agree the site is awesome.. but just in app form, I don't have to go to the web.. just turn the phone on and the bow and arrow is on the screen with the red dot of notifications and sh-t...and where I can buy aro merch from
  12. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/bd/a6/aa/bda6aa451cb91748710f7100d0bdfb4b--vintage-men-retro-vintage.jpg Fuck Yea
  13. I was thinking like why you guys don't make an app so I can save it to the screen and the website could even merge with the app but the app having a unique look and features
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