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  1. Saw a meme about being a romance-favourable aro and have never felt so called out yet validated in my life :D 

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    2. Nessa


      I can understand what you say for some reason I feel the same way about non romantic songs. Well there is some exceptions but only a few. Myself I love the Backstreet boys that only sing about love, can't help it just love AJ MCLEAN's voice, I am enjoying listening to their songs even if I don't relate to these feelings. (I know it is an old boysband but I am 38 and grew up with them. Bruno Mars' music is cool too  

    3. Lovebird


      As a person who listens to Asian pop boy bands, I understand completely lol 

    4. Nessa


      Glad to know  I am not the only one!! I love this forum it so great to talk to people like me, who lives the same things and feel the same way.🥰

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