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  1. If against rules to post just let me know and I'll delete:)) So idk my "label" yet.. or i think i could know but who knows it takes a while figuring out things sometimes. I get around 2ish crushes a year but have had more in past. Not had one for about two months and ya.. I like the idea of love but it's hard and I worry when or if i get with someone when they die how sad I would get. And worry if they leave me, I always worried about that even before. 😾
  2. So hungry lately I just want to eat all the wotsits lol

  3. Lately im thinking way too much on my label i would fit as idk why, i worry so much about it xDDDD

  4. New here, and tbh i dont know yet my "label" but i wanna find it out.. i hope its okay i joined. ♡♡♡
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