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  1. I found a copy of the quiz at https://s3.amazonaws.com/aws-website-jamesleonardpark---freelibrary-3puxk/RLT-WEB.html
  2. I have discussed my bisexuality and polyamorousness with a few other people in my community. I have not discussed my aromanticism with anyone in my community but my therapists. I'm not sure that I can give a full explanation of why I haven't told my friends. One thing is that I haven't found anyone that I want to be in a physically affectionate or sexual relationship with in a bit over 5 years -- the disadvantages of living in a small rural community whose predominate values vastly differ from yours (Yes, I do have hopes of moving to a bigger city in the next couple of years.). I suppose
  3. I have added a new reply to my intro thread with some relevant quotes from my old Livejournal posts. I seem to be more romance-favorable toward romantic-coded actions directed at me than most people who identify on the aromantic spectrum. Others can point to a romantic-coded activity that they dislike. But I like cuddling, hand-holding, and some other romantic-coded actions. If my aromantic "identity" doesn't effect what I actually do in relationships, just perhaps the feelings behind my actions, should I even be identifying as aromantic at all? For those aromantics who look for
  4. Someone suggested that a good expression for what I described wanting was "affectionate sexual friendship". Part of my response was: It seems that I have had trouble with the romantic element as shown by this post from 2015: I suppose I actually ask my question here.
  5. I think it has been about a year since I was introduced to idea of aromanticism, and I have been trying to find my place on the aromantic spectrum ever since. The current: quoiromantic demiromantic biromantic demisexual bisexual labels were my best approximation at the time I joined 6 months ago. I haven't changed any labels yet, but I still may. I'm not purely asexual, though I do think I fall somewhere in the asexual spectrum. I have not been very enlightened by any of the attempts to define romantic attraction or romantic interaction that I have seen here or elsewhere; nor do
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