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  1. I don't really think there was any "overshadowing" when I was a kid. In kindergarden I was pretty much romantic, used to play "the family" with others and actually liked some kids (though now I think at that time I just confused aesthetic attraction with romance). However, in 7th grade my classmates began to have crushes and dating, that was my great moment of confusion. I've never had crushes and didn't like anyone, so I assumed romance was some adult thing I'm too yound to understand. So I was extremely surprised when others suddenly started to care about romance at that young age. I clearly remember asking some classmates "Why are you dating? For what?" and being confused when they answered something like "Um, you know... love??". I just once felt something that I'd mistaken for a crush, but I didn't feel anything when got rejected. From that moment I just refused to do anything wirh romance, because I didn't really care and was completely okay with that.
  2. 1. It would be cool for me if they showed an aromantic character and didn't make their romantic orientation a big thing. Like to show character's hobbies, believes, emotions and personality traits without the drama about their inability to love romantically. From everything I've seen it just seems like there's nothing to do in this world except romance. 2. No. Sadly. It means that we're the ones to make our own representation, which is a bit encouraging.
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