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  1. Awesome (I'm not really caught up on the newest books yet either 🙂) Thank you both 😊
  2. Hi I'm Kate, I'm 19, my pronouns are she/her A little about me, I'm aroace, I like reading, writing, fan fiction and tv/movies e.g. DC, Marvel, PJO, TOA, SOA, TGGTVAV and more. I'm a little awkward and unused to (and terrible at) communicating online but I would like to make some friends. I know that a lot of my friends have no clue what I actually identify as, though they do make an effort to understand. Only in the last 2 years have I really figured myself out which is a relief as I was a bit concerned for a while as to who I was, so I am very glad that I found these terms and this
  3. I really only like touches i.e. hugging and cuddling with people I comfortable and familiar with like friends and family, and I know that I am adverse to kissing (despite never having done it) I've only had 1 relationship and I didn't do any of those things with him; I was just to uncomfortable with it.
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